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Do you have a large network of people who are looking to Expand their Instagram audience? Well sign up for affiliate program here at LeadFriend. Once you have signed up with LeadFriend, you have to option to join the affiliate program. You have the opportunity to make a large residual income while helping out your network! You can either sign up for a little extra cash every month or grow to enough people to quit your job.


Our affiliate program is very simple. You find someone who is interested in signing up for LeadFriend, send them the link to sign up and your monthly compensation every month is as followed:

Pro - $25

Elite - $45

VIP - $65



Potential Earnings



If you sign someone up who decides to be an affiliate, then your earnings don’t stop there! For every person your affiliate signs up, you get the monthly compensation of:

$10 Per Person


When Your Referrals Sign Someone Up (Monthly Residual)

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How Much Can You Earn?


How Much Can You Earn?

That gives you a very good opportunity to make a high residual income!
Let’s take a look at what that means if you sign up 10, 40, and 100 people for the Professional Package.

10 people x $25/month = $250/month

40 people x $25/month = $1,000/month

100 people x $25/ month = $2,500/month

Now if all those people you just signed up, sign up an average of 10 people each for the basic package, your monthly check will start to really grow!

10 people x 10 people = 100 people x $10/month = $1,000/month

40 people x 10 people = 400 people x $10/month = $4,000/month

100 people x 10 people = 1,000 people x $10/month = $10,000/month

Finally let’s add those number up for your hypothetical residual income!

10 People: $250/month + $1,000/month = $1,250/month x 12 months = $15,000/year

40 People: $1,000/month + $4,000/month = $5,000/month x 12 months = $60,000/year

100 People: $2,500/month + $10,000/month = $12,500/month x 12 months = $150,000/year

Wow! For signing up those 100 people you will be making a residual income of $150,000 every year!